Monday, February 3, 2014

2/03 - 2/09 Goals

No, I still haven't gotten my cards out.  It will be the first thing I do from this new list of goals.  Let me just say, planning a theme for lunches has been the best idea for lunch prep so far.  This week being Japanese (or general Asian) week will include things like onigiri, and lots of veggies and some fish, and I'm most excited about picking up some unagi. 

I also finished Paul's hat but it's too long so I'll need to pull back a few rows and fix that, boo.  I haven't yet started spinning the rest of the fiber for James sweater, I'm in more of a knitting mood than a spinning mood.  It happens.

Family / Wifery / Friends

  • Sign and prep birthday cards for sending
  • Send January and February birthday card
  • plan Valentines dinner

Feed my Soul

  • Continue to work on Paul's hat
  • Start spinning the remaining fiber for James jacket
Homesteading / Sunday Yumday
  • Decide on weeks theme
  • prep lunch stuffs
  • SAM's stock up trip

Not planning much for Sunday Yumday, we might have hubbies mom over for dinner so there will not be much time for a large canning or prepping adventure. 
SAM's to stock up on some chicken, pork chops, and beef. 

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