Monday, February 17, 2014

I'm not a prepper...

...but I sure want to be.  Well maybe not to the extent of having underground bunkers and getting military trained, but I sure would like to make life easier for my family if SHTF.  I'm starting small as to not tax the budget too much.  I found this list and it's just the starting point I needed and it appears manageable.  I'll also add water to the list.

This is not about economic collapse or shutting down of the grid, this is about being prepared for whatever may happen.  I have little ones and the thought of looking at them in distress because they are hungry and I have nothing to feed them horrifies me.  Whether it's a hurricane or job loss, I want to be able to feed my family.  If I can stock up on food to prep for an upcoming vacation then I can stock up on food for unforeseen hardships. 

The above linked list is a beginning.  I'll add and tweak items as the years go by but I need to start somewhere. I had already planned on doing lots and lots of canning this year anyway so now I have a more urgent reason to do so. 

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