Monday, January 13, 2014

1/13 - 1/19 Goals

I didn't accomplish most of the goals I set for myself last week.  I totally lost the wind from my sails.  Let's see I can do this week.  I did get our family vacation to Walt Disney reserved and I got a little crazy planning for that.  But can ya blame me?! 

Family / Wife / Friends

  • Sign and prep birthday cards for sending.
  • Send January birthday cards
Feed my Soul
  • Sew another project bag
  • Fill that project bag with a kit for Paul's Peradiddle hat which includes needles that I might need to buy
  • General spinning and knitting
Homesteading / Sunday Yumday
  • Sunday Yumday - pressure can chicken

As planning relates to our vacay I did plan all the meals that we will have for our trip.  We will be gone 4 nights but staying in an RV so most meals will be had at "home".  I made a list of all the planned meals and ingredients for those meals.  I marked the meals that I can start stocking up on so the cost of food will not hit all at once.  I purchased a bin to store our trip stockpile of food items.  More about trip planning in a later post. 

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