Monday, January 20, 2014

1/20 - 126 Goals

This is getting a bit ridiculous.  I can not seem to get motivated to do anything.  I did purchase all the birthday cards but that is it.  I didn't even get laundry done this weekend.  I barely spun anything, not even an ounce.  I didn't pressure can on Sunday nor did I prep anything.  Not sure what is up with my slacking behind but I've got to get this corrected.  I did start Paul's peradiddle hat but didn't do a project bag or anything. 

Family / Wife / Friends

  • Sign and prep birthday cards for sending.
  • Send January birthday cards
Feed my Soul
  • General spinning and knitting
  • Take purge yarn to store to give away
Homesteading / Sunday Yumday
  • Sunday Yumday - pressure can chicken
  • Prep week's worth of lunch stuff for me and the kids

I'm going to put a little pressure on myself to get some Sunday Yumday task completed this week. 

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