Monday, January 27, 2014

1/27 - 2/2 Goals

Got a little more done this week.  A very little.  I did have some sick wee ones so my time was very much needed for cuddling and soothing.   

Family / Wifery / Friends 

  • Sign and prep birthday cards for sending
  • Send January and February birthday card

Feed my Soul

  • Continue to work on Paul's hat
  • Start spinning the remaining fiber for James jacket
Homesteading / Sunday Yumday
  • Decide on theme for lunches - this seems to really help with lunch planning
  • prep lunch stuff
I have no intention of trying to can Sunday, it is Superbowl Sunday after all and I'll have a Puppybowl to watch and comercials to enjoy. 

As a note: I didn't mark off that I prepped a weeks worth of lunches from last week's goals but I didn't get a bit done.  I did prep veggies and roast some chicken breast.  Tonight I'll roast some corn and bell pepers. 

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